The club has always tried to make it as simple as possible to join and renew membership and we like to keep the paperwork to a minimum. New members will be asked to complete a membership application form that seeks to help the club identify where their interests lie and provide guidance in areas of particular interest to you. It also serves as a reminder as regards the club’s Data Protection Policy. Contact details are only retained for the length of your membership + 1 year

Membership Fees

Membership fees are reviewed and update on an annual basis. Fees are due before the commencement of the season’s activities.

The Membership fee for 2022/2023 season is £45.


Cash and Cheques are accepted but payment wherever possible should be made electronically using BACS.  The details of the ways to pay are on the membership form.  Please use the contact form on this website to request a form.

Membership renewal

One month before the commencement of the season, the previous season members will receive an email from the membership secretary detailing fees for the coming year and seeking membership renewal. This will detail what to do as regards payment and also what to do if membership is no longer required.

New Members

Enquiries for membership of the I&DCC should be made completing the “Contact Us” form on this website. This message will then be passed on to our membership secretary who will contact you via email to progress you membership so please ensure your email address is correct.

MembershipJohn Skinner